Varadhan S K M

Associate Professor

  1. Neuromechanics
  2. Motor Behavior and Motor Learning
  3. Rehabilitation
  4. Understanding Action and Perception



About Me

Research Interest

  • Movement Neuroscience, Finger/Hand Biomechanics
  • Bimanual Coordination, Motor Behavior and Motor Learning
  • Rehabilitation
  • Understanding Action and Perception

Office Location

Department of Applied Mechanics & Biomedical Engineering,
IIT Madras, Chennai - 600036.
Office: +91 044 2257 4071, 5067(NML)


2012 May

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy – The Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA


Master of Science by Research in Biomedical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India.


Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication engineering

University of Madras, India.


Selected Peer Reviewed Publications


Project Title Agency Value (in Lakhs) Role Duration

Studies of motor learning and co-articulation in novel typing tasks

DST/CSRI 70 Sole PI 2015-2018

Rehabilitation of hand function in stroke survivors

IC & SR 26.5 Sole PI 2013-2017



  • Dhanush R, "Studies of motor learning and co-articulation in novel typing tasks",(ongoing)
  • Ravi D, “Studies of Fingertip Force Distribution Patterns Under Variable Thumb Positions” (ongoing)
  • Banuvathy R,"Studies of Inter-Finger, Intra-Finger and Inter-Hand Coordination in Bimanual Tasks",(ongoing)
  • Niraj S, “Understanding motor coordination/sensorimotor control of grip aperture formation during grasping: A theoretic system paradigm",Prof. arun k tangirala (Co-guide) (ongoing)
  • Bhadra S, “Study of decision making using muti finger force production", (ongoing)
  • Ann David, Recently joined, (ongoing)


  • Nayan B “Kinematic modeling of individual phalange with kinematic data from reduced data set– a subject specific approach using machine learning technique”, (ongoing)
  • Satishch S, “Temporal coordination in dynamic-goal oriented tasks” (ongoing)

M Tech / Dual Degree

  • Niranjan C, “Enslavement of human hand”, Ongoing.
  • Vaisakh S, “Kinematic study of finger movement”, Ongoing.
  • Sandeep C, “Study of isometric finger forces in the presence of perpetual feedback”, May 2016
  • Kushal S, kinematic hand model using Electromagnetic tracking sensors, May 2016
  • Saida N, “Effect of visual feedback on isometric force production”, May 2015
  • Arnab, “Studying grip force load force coordination during five finger prismatic precision grasp”, May 2014

List of Courses Taught

  • Engineering Mechanics (AM 1100)
  • Introduction to Biomechanics (AM 3010)
  • Neuromechanics of Human Movement (AM 6516)
  • Biomechanics (AM 5010)
  • Fundamentals of Medical Instrumentation (AM 3020)
  • Biomechanics Laboratory (AM 5110)
  • Quantitative Physiology (AM 5130)