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Graduate Admission

| Graduate Admission

| How to apply?

The research admission portal has all the details regarding application for M.S./Ph.D programme. Click here to go to the portal.

| Selection Process

The detailed guidelines for admission, including the selection process, can be found here. In case the link is not working, please look at the research admission portal.

| Syllabus for interview

Depending on the specialization you choose for your graduate program, the interview syllabus varies. Below is the document with the syllabus for M.S./Ph.D. interviews (syllabus for direct Ph.D. is the same as M.S.):

| Guide Allocation Policy

The Department of Applied Mechanics & Biomedical Engineering emphasizes independence of students/scholars in selecting their advisors/guide. Read the Guide Allocation Policy for the details.

| M.S./Ph.D Admission [Jul-Nov 2024]