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An optical technique which measures velocity fields in fluid flows by capturing two frames at short time intervals, the displacement of the tracer particle from one frame to the other divided by the time gives the velocity. Stereo Particle Image Velocimetry system with 100mJ/pulse and 50Hz Nd-Yag Laser is available.

High Speed Visualization

High speed CCD cameras (maximum of 40720FPS) for capturing rapidly evolving phenomena such as break up of fluid jets shown in figure.


PLIF is an optical technique used to calculate temperature and concentration distribution in mixing of fluids from the fluorescence intensity of an added dye. Figure shows the side view concentration map due to density driven mixing across a horizontal membrane at the bottom of the figure. Liquid based PLIF studies with Rhodamine / Fluorescein up to 50Hz can be conducted.

Micro PIV

Epifluorescent microscope, associated optics, illumination and syringe pumps for study of micro-scale flows. Studies with magnification up to 10X are possible.

Closed Loop Wind Tunnel

A 1.5m open test section, closed loop wind tunnel capable of testing models at air velocities upto 60m/s can be used to study vehicle aerodynamics, low speed aerospace testing and testing of environmental flow models.

Open Loop Suction Tunnel

A 0.6m x 0.6m x 1.2m closed test section, open loop suction type wind tunnel capable of studying bluff body aerodynamics at air velocities upto 40m/s.

Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel

Characteristics of the boundary layers that develop when flows pass over a stationary surfaces are investigated in this tunnel. The test section size is 0.6m x 0.6m x 1.2m and a maximum speed of 40m/s can be achieved.

Wall Jet Tunnel

A jet over a stationary surface, called wll jet, occur in many industrial situations. Such flows can be investigated using this tunnel upto a maximum speed of 40m/s. The tunnel can be used for flow induced vibrations studies also.

Flow Visualization Setup

The visualization table is used to visual the free surface streaklines due to flow around bodies using aluminium powder particles in water upto a maximum flow speed of 1.5m/s

Droplet and Bubble Sizing

The technique based on high resolution imaging with pulsed backlight illumination called shadowgraphy, can be used to measure the size, shape and velocity of particles, droplets or bubbles. With 6ns-plused laser, high resolution cameras, diffuser and zoom lenses, particle size close to 5m and velocities upto 100m/s can be measured.

M.Tech. Computational Laboratory

Instuctional Computational classes are conducted in this laboratory which is equipped with computers having 4GB RAM and 3GHz dual core processor. Students learn numerical analysis and technical software packages like FLUENT, MATLAB as well as conduct their M.Tech project work here.

Research Computational Laboratory

High performance workstations (8GB RAM and 3.4GHz quad processor), PC clusters and a workstation with GPU C1060 Tesla card are used for parallel computations for Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) and Large Eddy Simulations (LES). The laboratory is also equipped with dual operating systems, post-processing softwares and peripherals


A full fledged library with all the relevant books on Fluid Mechanics.