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Bioelectronics Lab

Spirolab III

It consists of both spirometer and pulse oximeter using which the functionality of lung can be tested by calculating respiratory parameters.

Square wave Pulser Receiver (5077)

Manually controlled ultrasonic pulser receiver which can be used in ultrasonic flaw detection, thickness gauging, material characterization and transducer characterization.

DSP Starter Kit

DSP is evaluation platform for the TMS320C6713 DSP processor from Texas Instruments. It is used as DSP Evaluation Module with Digital Signal Processor used for experiments, evaluation and development of biomedical applications.

Spectrum Analyzer SM-2701

Smlabnstration set-up for stresses in thin walled pressurized cylinder under open-end and closed-end conditions.

ECG Machine (BPL Cardiart 6208 View)

ECG machine which has simultaneous 3 channel ECG recording with 12 lead simultaneous acquisitions with auto summary.


Mercury Sphygmomanometer used to measure Blood Pressure.

Biophotonics Lab

  • Portable instrument systems for optical spectroscopic studies (in vivo / in vitro)
  • Design and fabrication of fiber probe configurations for spectroscopic instrumentation
  • Optical phantom preparation facility
  • Laser speckle contrast imaging system (in-house developed)
  • Optical transmission tomography system (in-house developed)
  • Fiber based laser Doppler flow meter system (AD Instruments)
  • Laser speckle shearography system (in-house developed)
  • Digital optical microscopes
  • Various light sources (lasers, LEDs and broadband) and detector cameras
  • Vibration isolation and rigidly supported optical tables

Bio-Sensors Lab

Equipment will be listed soon

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Non-Invasive Imaging and Diagnostic Lab (NIID)

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Neuro Mechanics Lab

Electromagnetic Tracking Sensors (Polhemus Inc, USA)

The liberty Electromagnetic tracking sensors from Polhemus are used to measure position and orientation in space. We are using 16 such sensors to mount on finger phanax and measure kinematics of human hand. 1.8mm diameter micro sensor provides full 6DOF tracking with 1.27 micron position resolution and upto 0.0004 degree orientation resolution. We thank the cognitive science research initiative of Department of Science and Technology for their generous support in getting this equipment.

Six-Component Force/Torque Sensors (ATI Industrial Automation, USA):

The Nano 17 and Nano 25 sensors from ATI are used in measuring finger tip forces in all three directions. We have a set of 5 of these sensors that can be fitted into objects of various sizes/shapes and many tasks can be studied. We thank IIT Madras for funding this equipment through the new faculty seed grant.

Single-Axis Load Cells (PCB Piezotronics, USA)

These sensors are used for measuring compressive normal forces (max 440 N). These can be used in studies that involve isometric force production (pressing)

Virtual Instrumentation Lab

The NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) is useful for hands-on experience, prototyping. NI ELVIS (II+) features an integrated suite of commonly used instruments in a single compact form factor designed for education.

Vernier Bioinstrumentation Sensor Kit

Vernier Bioinstrumentation Sensor kit contains Analog Proto Board Connector(s),Blood Pressure Sensor, Hand Dynamometer, Hand grip Heart Rate Monitor, EKG Sensor, Surface Temperature Sensor, Spirometer among others.

Friction Measurement System

To measure the friction coefficient between finger tip and material we have developed friction measurement system which consists of a Teensy microcontroller, ATI Nano17 and Labview to measure coefficient values

Linear DC-Servomotor (Faulhaber, Switzerland)

These linear DC servo motors from Faulhaber MiniMotor, Switzerland are used to build an object whose shape changes while it is being grasped. Each motor is controlled independently, resulting in various shapes. We plan to use this setup to study changes in fingertip force coordination as a result of object shape change.

EMG Acquisition System (Intan Technologies, USA)

The 16 bipolar channel EMG acquisition system is built using RHD2216 research quality digital electrophysiology interface chip. This small front end module are capable of acquiring up to 16 EMG channels.

Electronic Work Bench

Weller soldering station with inbuilt temperature controller, Digital Storage Oscilloscope for FFT analysis, Multiple Power supply source and Single board computer (SBC) and other accessories.

3 Axis Accelerometer (Biometrics, UK)

Accelerometer can measure accelerations in 3 independent axes X,Y,Z. The ACL300(accelerometer) will measure both dynamic acceleration (i.e. vibration) and static acceleration (i.e. gravity). They have three separate channels for 3 axes, which can be interfaced with the computer via NI DAQ.

EEG Acquisition System(Texas Instruments,USA)

The 8 channel (24-bit) EEG acquisition system is built using ADS1299 research quality Texas Instruments interface chip. This small front end module are capable of acquiring up to 8 EEG channels.

Laser Distance Sensor (Baumer India Pvt.Ltd.)

Laser distance sensor(OADM 12U6460/S35A ) can measure the change in the displacement with a sub millimeter resolution (0.002 to 0.12mm) and has a range of 16 to 120mm. This sensor can be easily interfaced with the computer using NI DAQ 6255 or NI DAQ 6212.

Touch Lab

Data Acquisition Unit MP 35

A real time standard data acquisition unit MP 35 (Biopac Systems Inc, USA) is used for signal acquisition. It is a four channel data acquisition system, which can measure four different physiological signals simultaneously at any sampling rate from 1 sample per second and 100k samples per second. It takes incoming analog signals using standard electrodes and sensors and converts them into digital signals with 24-bit resolution. The MP35 has an internal microprocessor to control data acquisition and communication with the computer.

Soldering Workstation

Complete soldering and desoldering workstation for Through-Hole-Mount and Surface-Mount Devices (SMD). Temperature and flow controlled hot air for soldering and desoldering any size of SMD components. The station uses the JBC system, based on protectors-extractors and hot-air flow, which makes desoldering clean and quick, concentrating the heat on the IC, and protecting the rest of the circuit at the same time.

Phantom Omni

The Phantom omni is a CE certifiedSix degree-of-freedom (DoF) positional sensing and 3DoF force feedback haptic device. It has a Portable design and compact footprint for workplace flexibility. It consists of comfortably molded-rubber stylus with textured paint for long term use and secure grip. The removable stylus for end-user customization provides an option for integrating custom devices such as laparoscopic tools (cutter, grasper, scissor knotting tool).The omni has two integrated momentary switches can be used for open and closing of laparoscopic gasper and other tool changing and scene changing mechanism. The compact workspace for ease-of-use and occupies less space. It also has a stylus-docking inkwell facility for automatic workspace calibration. The phantom omni can be interfaced to the PC via IEEE-1394 FireWire® port: 6-pin to 6-pin.

CPR Mannequin Test Rig

The test rig consists of a slider crank mechanism operating at 120 rpm. The slider drives the CPR mannequin chest to a depth of 6 cm. it has a piezoelectric Load cell for measuring load and a LED/LDR setup for measuring displacement. Currently being used to characterise various non-linear chest designs of CPR mannequin.

Air Compressor

Jun-air compressor is capable of delivering upto 16 bar pressure. It comes with a pressure regulator from Festo. This compressor is used to drive pneumatic cylinder and Fluidic muscle in Touch lab.

Nanomolecular Lab

 Optical Microscope (Infinity)

This is an inverted optical microscope that allows for the observation and imaging of specimens, and is a versatile tool for biological and material research

 PCR machine (Eppendorf master cycler)

A PCR machine is used to amplify specific segments of DNA through the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique. The PCR technique is a powerful molecular biology method that amplifies a specific segment of DNA, producing millions of copies for further analysis or experimentation.

 Thermomixer (Eppendorf)

Eppendorf ThermoMixer C combines heating and mixing functions, allowing for precise temperature control and uniform mixing of samples for eg in protein aggregation assays , PCR based sample preparations etc.

Cooling centrifuge (Thermo Scientific)

Cooling centrifuge is used for the separation of microliter temperature-sensitive heterogeneous mixtures or samples. This device works by spinning the samples loaded in a rotor at high speed.

Ultrasonicator (BRBiochem Life-sciences)

An ultrasonicator is a laboratory instrument that employs high-frequency sound waves to disrupt and disperse particles in liquid samples for various applications such as cell lysis, emulsification, and dispersion.

Plate Reader H1 Synergy Biotek

A multimode plate reader is a versatile laboratory instrument capable of measuring various optical signals, such as absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence, from samples in microplates for diverse applications.

Nanodrop (Thermo Scientific)

A Nanodrop is a compact spectrophotometer used for quick and accurate measurement of nucleic acid and protein samples, requiring only small sample volumes. It is based on Beer Lambert’s law , it measures the absorbance of light by a sample in order to provide quantification of the sample. 

Hot air oven (Thermo Scientific)

Hot air oven is used to sterilise materials such as glassware, chemicals, and sealed containers. They are also used for drying, baking, curing, and heat-treating various substances.

 Fluorescence microscopy (Infinity)

Fluorescence microscopy has become an essential tool in cell biology. This technique allows us to visualize the dynamics of tissue, cells, individual organelles, and macromolecular assemblies inside the cell.

Biosafety cabinet (Thermo scientific)

Biosafety cabinets (BSCs) are one type of biocontainment equipment used in biological laboratories to provide personnel, environmental, and product protection.

CO2 Incubator (Thermo Scientific)

CO2 incubators provide optimal conditions for cell growth. These incubators must provide the factors that affect cell growth and keep them constant.

Optical microscope (Magnus)

This is an inverted optical microscope that allows for the observation and imaging of specimens, and is a versatile tool for biological and material research

Microgravity Simulator 

Microgravity effects are simulated within liquid media by random positioning machine (RPM) and are studied by aligning cultures on a rotating horizontal axis at a defined rotational speed that regulates the fall velocity, thereby allowing specimens to remain in constant free fall simulating near weightlessness conditions.

Cryogenic vessel with Liq. nitrogen sensor (Thermo Scientific)

Cryogenic Level Sensor is a customized product for liquid level measurement in low temperature environments such as liquid nitrogen, LNG, and liquid ammonia.