& BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Indian Institute Of Technology Madras


Fatigue Machine

Computer controlled 200 kN Servo Hydraulic Fatigue and Fracture Testing Machine, DMG, UK


Automated Polariscope for employing phase shifting technique in Digital Photoelasticity

Instrumentation system

The Sensors and Instrumentation System integrates a range of instrumentation sensors for measurement of different physical parameters.

Stress Measurement

SM-lab station set-up for stresses in thin walled pressurized cylinder under open-end and closed-end conditions.

Vibration Generator

LDS shaker for generating random signals within 5-9000 Hz.

Universal Testing Machine

Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine 100 kN

MEIJI - Microscope

Used to study the microstructures of metals. The magnification of the microscope varies from 4x - 100x.

Tensile Test Setup

This equipment performs tension tests on various conventional metallic wires for obtaining stress-strain relations under various temperatures.

Mechanical Test Setup

This equipment is capable of performing thermo-mechanical tests for a maximum temperature of 200 deg C. 

Buckling Test Setup

This equipment performs buckling tests on thin struts for metals and composites.

Computational Facilities

Computational laboratory with workstations and PC clusters for parallel computations of flows.