& BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Indian Institute Of Technology Madras

Swathi Sudhakar

Assistant Professor

  1. Cellular nanomechanics
  2. Single-molecule biophysics
  3. Nanoprobes development and Nanotherapeutics
  4. Protein self-assembly and aggregation kinetics
  5. Biomaterials and drug delivery vehicles
  6. Development of Diagnostic devices


 Area of Interest

 I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Mechanics, Biomedical Engineering at IIT Madras. My research interests are in the field     of biological applications of nanomaterials, drug Delivery, and biophysics. My group is currently working on different streams including         developing nanotherapeutics for Alzheimer’s and Cancer, studying nano mechanics of proteins, and development of biosensors for disease diagnosis

 Office Location

   MSB 221
   Department of Applied Mechanics & Biomedical Engineering (Specializing Fluid and Solid Mechanics)
   Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.
   Chennai, Tamil Nadu- 600036
   Phone :(91)-44- 2257 4087

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