Sujatha N


Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy – Nanyang Technological University, Singapore(2005 - April/May).

B.Tech., Bachelor of Technology Calicut University, India (2000 April).



 Research Interest

  • Applications of optical spectroscopic techniques for in-vivo detection of tissue anatomy and physiology
  • Non destructive imaging of tissue using laser speckle techniques
  • Bio-optical signal / image processing
  • Miniaturized optical instrumentation for clinical applications
  • Modeling of light tissue interaction

 Office Location

   MSB 207C , Department of Applied Mechanics & Biomedical Engineering,Biomedical engineering laboratory,
   IIT Madras, Chennai - 600036.
   Office: +91 44 2257 4067

 August 2018 – Present


  Department of Applied Mechanics : Biomedical Engineering Group – Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India.

 July 2013 - 2018

  Associate Professor

  Department of Applied Mechanics : Biomedical Engineering Group – Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India.

 April 2014 - May 2015

  Visiting Associate Professor

  School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering – NTU, Singapore.

 August 2006 - July 2013

  Assistant Professor

  Department of Applied Mechanics : Biomedical Engineering Group – Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India.

 Biophotonics Lab


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  • Endoscopic diagnostics in Biomedicine: Instrumentation and Applications, N. Sujatha, Momentum Press, New York, 2019, ISBN: 9781606509913.


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  • Simultaneous real-time measurement of tissue blood flow and oxygenation for disease diagnosis (IITM) 0.5M, Completed)
  • Studies on a scanning probe based fluorescence imaging system for quantification of biomarkers in multilayered tissue phantoms (DST, 1.35M, Completed)
  • Investigation on collagen content change and skin thickening in sclerodermic patients using optical spectrosocopy (DST, 4 M, Completed)
  • Non-invasive transdermal collagen and perfusion sensor for cosmetic and diagnostic applications (DST, 4.4 M, ongoing)
  • An automated digital staining machine for immediate detection of cancerous cells and its extent for usage during perioperative tumour removal(ICMR, 1.4M, ongoing)
  • Development of a smart nanokit forrapid, automated and ultrasensitive detection of pesticide traces in agricultural samples (DST, 4M, ongoing, in collaboration with PU)


  • A. K. Jayanthy, Assessment of capillary blood flow variations in normal and diseased real / phantom tissues using laser speckle contrast imaging technique (Degree awarded July 2012, Post PhD position: Faculty, SRM University, Chennai)
  • B. S. Suresh Anand, Studies on factors affecting quantification of biomarkers of turbid media using optical spectroscopy (Degree awarded July 2013, Post PhD position: Post doctoral scholar, LENS, Italy)
  • K. Udayakumar, Early detection of soft tissue anomalies using optical interferometric techniques (Degree awarded July 2018, Post PhD position: Postdoctoral Scholar Employee at University of Alabama at Birmingham)
  • K. BalaNivetha, Depth resolved tissue fluorescence imaging (Degree awarded July 2018,Post PhD position: Innovator research fellow, ETH Zurich)
  • Pauline John, Optical Coherence Tomography for non invasive glucose detection (co-guidance with Prof. Nilesh Vasa, Engineering Design, Degree awarded 2019, Post PhD position: Post doctoral fellow, School of SCBE, NTU Singapore)
  • Vivek, S, Novel optical probing techniques for disease detection from body fluids and tissues(Ongoing)
  • Mahima Sharma B. S., Novel optical polarimetry based diagnostic systems for biomedical applications (ongoing)
  • Vysakh V., Diffuse optical tomographic systems for tissue structural and functional imaging(ongoing)
  • Priya Krishnamurthy, Diffuse optical imaging for subsurface tissue characterization (ongoing)
  • Subitcha J., Design and implementation of multimodal optical imaging system for biomedical applications (ongoing)
  • N. Brahmaiah. New generation capsule endoscopic instrumentation, (ongoing)
  • Deepak Bajhaiah, Development novel endoscopic devices and image processing for efficient tissue classification (ongoing)
  • R. Janaki, Optical polarimetry image processing for diagnostic applications (ongoing)


  • Cerine Lal: Fractal based optical image and signal processing for biomedical applications(Completed, July 2014, Post MS position: Ph. D. scholar,National University of Ireland, Galway)
  • Michael Raju, Quantification of optical scattering in non-tenuous media (completed, 2016, Post MS position: Ph. D. scholar, Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Ireland)
  • Adeeba Fathima, Selective optical characterization of biological tissues during malignancy using Mueller polarimetry (completed, 2016, Post MS position: Ph. D. scholar, BCUBE Center for molecular bioengineering, TU Dresden, Germany)
  • Srikarthikeyan K K,, Laser speckle imaging systems for blood flow imaging with improved sensitivity(Degree Awarded 2019, Post MS position: Senior Engineer, Mahindra Research Valley, Chennai)
  • Anoosha Venkatraman Hegde, Laser speckle image analysis for assessing multiple parameters of perfusion (ongoing)
  • Saloni Jain, Diffuse signal analysis for applications in optical biopsy (ongoing)

 M Tech / Dual Degree

  • A. Bama (M Tech): Optimal source design for pulse plethysmography (2008, Completed)
  • B. Rajasekharan (M Tech): Flow cytometry for identification of leukemic cells (2009, Completed)
  • S. Sajitha (M Tech): Speech recognition module for vocally challenged kids (2010, Completed)
  • D. Anudeep (Dual Degree): Non destructive evaluation of human tooth using speckle shearography (2012, Completed)
  • R. Sivakumar (M Tech): Laser transmission tomography system for characterization of optical tissue phantoms (2012, Completed)
  • Pavan Kumar Holla (Dual Degree, co-guidance with Prof. Srinivas Chakravarthy, Dept of Biotechnology): Learning sequences using flip flop neurons (2012, Completed)
  • Akshay Singhal (Dual Degree): Depth sensitivity in diffuse reflectance spectroscopy using fiber optic sensor (2013, Completed)
  • C. Deekshit Kumar (Dual Degree): Simulation analysis of ESPI for microdeformation measurement (2013, Completed)
  • Arnab Banerjee (M Tech): Quantitative laser speckle contrast imaging (2013, Completed)
  • Rahul Jayaprakash (Dual Degree): Quantification of tissue constituents using chemometrics (2013, Completed)
  • M. Sirosh (Dual Degree): Retinal image processing for novel biomedical applications (2014,Completed)
  • Kiran Phillip Issac(M Tech): Fiber optic probe design for morphological analysis of multilayered tissue phantoms for diffuse reflectance spectroscopic studies(2014,Completed)
  • Aditya Bharadwaj(Dual Degree,co-guidance with Prof.Shanthi Bhattacharya,Dept of EEE): Design and construction of a low cost and compact optical coherence tomography system(2015,Completed)
  • Favas, M. P.(Dual degree): Development of an indigenous laser Doppler imaging system (2016, completed)
  • Arun Shaly (Dual Degree): Diffuse correlation spectroscopy for monitoring blood flow (2017, completed)
  • Karthikeya Viswanath (Dual Degree) Design and calibration of a Mueller matrix polarimeter (2017, completed)
  • Kavyakantha R S (Dual Degree) Model based quatitative estimation of melanosome fraction in skin for vitiligo assessment (2018, Completed)
  • Krishnapriya Venugopal (M Tech) Assessment of Cerebral Hemodynamics using Laser Speckle Image Analysis during Neurosurgical Procedures (2018, Completed)
  • Twinkal Patel (M Tech) CS-Sense next steps: Accelerating scans with intelligent K space predictors (2019, Completed, Intenship with Philips Bangalore)
  • Yathest Dadhich (M Tech) Development of a Low Cost Hyper-Spectral Imaging System for Optical Biopsy Applications (2020, Completed)
  • Roshni Shetty (Interdisciplinary Dual degree BME) Laser speckle image analysis for bacterial growth detection (ongoing)

 Prospective Students

  About the lab

  Biophotonics lab focus is on developing non-invasive tools for disease diagnosis based optical principles. This area is highly application oriented, at the      same time deeply involved in the basic sciences. Using physics of light-tissue interaction, we try to extract the chemical composition and architecture of      the target tissue to understand the biology of tissue transformation during the progression of diseases. We do simulations for optimal device design,              instrumentation and experimentation both at research and clinical application levels. Most projects involve large scale data analysis and interpretation         using machine learning / deep learning techniques. The focus is more on developing clinically viable non-invasive portable units for sensing the   physiological conditions in a convenient way. For more details, please visit our website / publications.

  Desired background

  Electrical and / or Electronics Engg., Mechanical Engg., Instrumentation Engg., Chemical Engg., Optical engineering, Basic sciences,     Biotechnology,Computer Science and Engg with keen interest in device development.

 Research Projects are available in the following areas

  • Intracavity perfusion imaging (Instrumentation and Image processing& analysis)
  • High speed imaging of tissue perfusion (Instrumentation and signal processing& analysis)
  • Light tissue interactions in realistic tissue models (in-vitro and in-silico) for diagnostic and therapeutic applications (Mathematical simulations) and validation using standard optical instruments (data collection and analysis)
  • Quick tissue analysis for pathology labs (instrumentation, image analysis and classification)
  • Development of biochemical sensors using optics (Instrumentation, basic sciences, and data analysis)
  • Optics in tissue structural and functional imaging: Development of in-vivo devices (Modeling, Instrumentation, and data analysis)

 List of Courses Taught

  • Measurements in mechanics(AM 5610)
  • Instrumentation Laboratory (AM 5900)
  • Biomedical Imaging systems (AM 5160)
  • Engineering Mechanics (AM 1100)
  • Biomedical instrumentation (AM 5140)
  • Biomechanics Laboratory (AM 5110)
  • Research Methodology, Dept Module (ID 6020)
  • Biomedical laser instrumentation (AM 5100)
  • Life Sciences (BT 1010)
  • Physiology for Engineers (AM 5119)