Sl.No Course Code Course Name
1AM1100 Engineering Mechanics
2AM2200Strength of Materials
3AM2530Foundations of Fluid Mechanics
4AM2540Applied Mechanics Lab
5AM4901Undergraduate Research Project I
6AM4902Undergraduate Research Project II
8AM5011Virtual Reality Engineering
9AM5013Operating Theater Instrumentation and Surgical Technology
11AM5015Regulations and Standards in Medical Device Technology
12AM5016Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering
13AM5017Statistics for Biomedical Engineers
14AM5018Experimental Techniques in Fluid Mechanics
15AM5019Advanced BME laboratory
16AM5020Biomedical Ultrasonics
17AM5021Materials, Mechanics and Design
18AM5022Modelling and Simulation Laboratory
19AM5023Physiological Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory
20AM5030Linear Dynamical Systems
21AM5035High Performance Computing Lab
22AM5050Biomedical Sensors and Measurements
24AM5061Design of Thermal and Fluid Systems
25AM5080High Performance Computing for Engineering Applications
26AM5100Biomedical Laser Instrumentation
27AM5119Physiology for Engineers
28AM5120 Biomaterials
29AM5140Biomedical Instrumentation
30AM5160Biomedical Imaging System
31AM5190Haptics in Biomedical Engineering
32AM5200Summer Industrial Internship
33AM5240Experimental Solid Mechanics
34AM5340Stochastic Processes in Mechanics
35AM5390Advanced Solid Mechanics
36AM5400Experimental Stress Analysis Lab
37AM5402Project II
38AM5440Engg Fracture Mechanics
39AM5450Fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis
40AM5480 Seminar
41AM5510Biomedical Signals and Systems
42AM5530Advanced Fluid Mechanics
43AM5535Bioinspired Engineering
44AM5540Irrotational Flow Theory and Applications
45AM5600Computational Methods in Mechanics
46AM5630 Foundation of Computational Fluid Dynamics
47AM5640 Turbulence Modeling
48AM5650Nonlinear Dynamics
49AM5801Computational Laboratory
50AM5810Computational Lab
51AM5820Wind Tunnel and Numerical Experiments
52AM5850Advanced Finite Element Methods
53AM6016Convective Transport Processes
54AM6021Introduction to Research
55AM6291Computational Structural Dynamics
56AM6512 Application of Molecular Dynamics
57AM6513Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics
58AM6515Boundary Layer Stability
59AM6516Neuromechanics of Human Movement
60AM6517Foundations of Micro and Nano scale Fluid Mechanics
61AM6999Special Topics in Applied Mechanics
62AM7999Special Topics in Applied Mechanics
63GN1101Life Skills 1
64GN1102Life Skills 2
65GN5002Discovering Creativity
66GN6106Happiness, Habits and Success
67GN6107Cross Cultural Understanding
68GN6109Fostering Enriching Relationships
69GN6120The Competition Mindset
70GN6130Systems Thinking for Engineers (Cultivating Wisdom)
71ID3100First level Creative Engineering Project
72ID5015Computer Simulations of Crystal Defects
73ID5060First Principles tools in Engineering
74ID5070Energy Economics
75ID5080Complex Networks
76ID5090Data Science of Complex Systems
77ID5101Innovative Entrepreneur - 1 Customer Discovery
78ID5200Introduction of Biomimicry
79ID5292Project III
80ID5390Project I
81ID5391Project II
82ID5392Project III
83ID5891Project II
84ID5892Project III
85ID6010Constitutive Modelling in Continuum Mechanics
86ID6105Computational Tools: Algorithms, Data Structures and Programs