About Us

The Department of Applied Mechanics & Biomedical Engineering has been in existence since 1959 and has grown into a full fledged inter disciplinary graduate research department over the years. The Department focuses on academic activities in three broad areas viz., Biomedical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Solid Mechanics. The Department has played a major role in contributing to the academic community and society. The faculty have won international recognition for their industrial research and sponsored projects. Some of the facilities available in various laboratories of this Department are unique in the country.


The department of Applied Mechanics & Biomedical Engineering at IIT Madras has at present 29 faculty members. It consists of three groups namely, the Biomedical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, and Solid Mechanics. It has excellent facilities for carrying out theoretical and experimental research.

Towards a frontier knowledge base that will translate advances in basic sciences in solving challenging problems in engineering and medicine.

By Providing quality education and research, we empower individuals to become caring, competent and responsible citizens who value education and research experience as a life long process.