AM5540 Hydrodynamics

Syllabus: Jan - April 14

Introduction to Cartesian tensors : Geometric definition of tensors, Einstein summation convention, Tensors as linear transformations, Tensor operations in indices notation.


Review of kinematics : Definition of fluid, Deformation field characteristics (in tensor form), The stress tensor.


Analysis of kinematics: Velocity representation theorms: Irrotational flows, solenoidal flows and irrotational-solenoidal flows, Velocity distribution due to specified expansion rate, Kinematics of vorticity, Velocity distribution due to specified vorticity distribution, Biot-Savart law, Velocity distribution due to two singularities: Source doublet & sheet vortex, Helmholtz decomposition.


Energy and entropy of fluid: Internal energy changes of a fluid in motion, viscous dissipation, Entropy changes of a fluid in motion, Entropy production, Bernoullis theorm, Croccos theorm, Unsteady Bernoulli equation.


Irrotational-Solenoidal flows : General properties of irrotational solenoidal flows; Mean value theorm; Kelvins minimum energy theorm; Effect of curvature on stream lines; Eulers equation in natural co-ordinates; Position of maximum KE and minimum pressure; Viscous dissipation in irrotational flows; Kinetic energy in terms of surface integrals; Irrotational-solenoidal flows in doubly connected regions, cyclic potential; 3D far fields in irrotational solenoidal flows, Greens formula, single layer potential, double layer potential; Spherical harmonics; General form of potential due to translation of a rigid body; The force on a body in translational motion, impulse and added mass; Translation and rotation of rigid bodies; Complex potential for 2D irrotational-solenoidal flows, different examples; Conformal transformation; The circle theorm; Approximate results for slender bodies; Impulsive motion of fluids; Free streamline theory




Prerequisites for crediting : AM 5530 for MS, M Tech and B Tech students. No prerequisites for PhD students.


No prerequisites for auditing.

Text book :

G.K.Batchelor, An introduction to fluid dynamics


References :

M.S.Howe, Hydrodynamics and sound

Marshall, Inviscid incompressible flows

Lighthill, An informal introduction to theoretical fluid dynamics

C.Pozrikidis, An introduction to theoretical and computational fluid dynamics

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