Dr. S. Vengadesan


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About Me

Research Interest

  • Development of CFD code for laminar flows/turbulent flows.
  • Using commercial CFD softwares with some augmentation for various practical / industrial / academic problems.
  • Applications to Fluid Structure interaction, Heat transfer studies, Flow acoustics, heat transfer, bio-fluid, insect (unsteady) Aerodynamics.

Office Location

FMB 204, Department of Applied Mechanics,
IIT Madras, Chennai - 600036.
Phone: +91 044 2257 4063

Educational Qualification

  • 2002 Ph.D
    Doctor of Philosophy

    Doctor of Philosophy – Kobe University, Japan

  • 1992
    Master of Science (Research)

    Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

  • 1987
    Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

    NIT Trichy, India


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Sponsored Projects

Project Title Agency Value (in Lakhs Co-Investigator Duration
Computation of turbulent flow by LES IC & SR (IITM) 5.0 - Nov/03-Nov/06
Large eddy simulation of flows in a rectangular channel with a built-in-winglet pair AR & DB 8.37 (IIT M part) This is IIT M and IIT K colloborative project. Jan/02-Mar/06
LES investigation of interference effect due to bluff body at moderate Reynolds number CSIR 8.51 - Apr/06-June/09
FE Simulation of BioFluid Mechanics DST 16.0 M.Chitra, Women Scientist, AM
Prof.T.Sundararajan, ME
Evaluation of Turbulence models for hydrodynamic prediction in TVC AR & DB 9.12 - Dec.'08-Nov.'10
Performance of newly developed Turbulence models for low and high speed underwater vehicles NRB 27.32 Prof.S.K.Bhattacharyya,OE Jan.'09-July'12
Development of an immersed boundary Navier-Strokes solver for simulating insect flight dynamics ARDB 11.08 Prof.K.Arul Prakash,AM Oct.'09-Sep.'12
Acoustic wall pressure spectra by turbulent boundary layer by CFD approach for underwater vehicles NRB 14.74 Prof.S.K.Bhattacharyya,OE Sep.13-Aug.15
Investigation on the aerodynamics of insect hovering in inclined stroke plane ARDB - SIGMA 12.72 v Prof.K.Arul Prakash,AM Aug.13-Oct.'15

Consultancy Projects

Project Title Agency Jointly with Status
CFD modelling of Airflow visualization M/s BHEL Prof. BVSSS Prasad, ME Completed
Studies on flow induced noise and vibration NPOL Prof. SK Bhattacharyya, OE and Prof. P.Chandramouli, ME Completed
Development of alternate for airfoil flow measurement in Boilers M/s BHEL Prof. BVSSS Prasad, ME Completed
Flow through False Tiles M/s Unitiles Pvt. Ltd. Prof. BVSSS Prasad, ME Completed
CFD analysis of flow through PEM Fuel Cell Stack CFCT Prof. BVSSS Prasad, ME Completed
Some studies on underwater bodies DRDO Prof. Idichandy,OE
Prof. S.K.Bhattacharyya,OE
Heat Transfer and energy analysis by CFD M/s Brittania Industries Prof. BVSSS Prasad, ME Completed


Current Ph.D

  • Sreekar Gomatam, Topic: Liquid Jets in Cross Flow (Co-guidance:Prof.Satya Chkaravarthy, AE)
  • Manabendra De Topic: Insect Aerodynamics
  • Naveen Raj, Topic: IBM, Turbulence Modelling (Co-guidance: Prof.Danesh K Tafti, Virginia Tech., USA)
  • Sreekesh, Topic: Hybrid LES

Current M.S

  • Venkat Narayanan, Topic: Cable Strumming (Co-guidance: Prof.Murali, OE)
  • Prashant Kandelwal, Topic: IBM + Level Set Method
  • Saurav Kumar, Topic: LJCF
  • Rahul Subburaj, Topic: IBM + Level Set Method
  • Deepthi, Topic: Insect Aerodynamics

Current M Tech / Dual Degree

  • Amulya (Dual Degree)): Topic: Cable Strumming (Co-guidance: Prof. Murali, OE)
  • Remil Mustaq (Dual Degree): Topic: Linear stability analysis

List of Courses Taught

  • AM 1100

    Engineering Mechanics

  • AM 2530

    Foundations of Fluid Mechanics

  • AM 5600

    Computational Methods in Applied Mechanics

  • AM 5530

    Advanced Fluid Mechanics

  • AM 5630

    Foundations of CFD

  • AM 5570


  • AM 6540


  • AM 6513

    Advanced CFD

  • AM 5640

    Turbulence Modelling