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A number of students and project associates have contributed to the growth of the laboratory over the years. The students have distinguished themselves in their chosen field of activity and have won several awards.

IIT Madras


T. Kasimayan
"Digital three dimensional photoelasticity" - ongoing.
Benolina Neethi Simon
  "Digital photoelastic and numerical analysis of interfacial crack problems in electronic packages
" - ongoing.
K. Ragupathy

        "Fracture assessment diagrams under negative bi-axial loading"- ongoing.
K. Ashokan
          "Development of newer initiatives in whole field parameter estimation and analysis by digital photoelasticity"- 2008.
M. Ramji

          "Whole field stress separation in digital photoelasticity by shear difference - Issues, Implementation and Application"- 2007.


N. Dasari
"Stress analysis of roller chains" - ongoing (Coguided by Dr. Natarajan).
Jeby Philip
Residual stress analysis of industrial components by Strain gauge technique" - ongoing (Coguided by Dr. Annamala Pillai).
R. Raghurajan

        "Numerical and Experimental investigation of interfacial crack problems" - ongoing (Coguided by Dr. B.N. Rao).
R. Senthil Gurunathan

          "Digital photoelastic evaluation of stress field paramenters for a patched interfacial crack in a bi-material"- 2007.
Madhu. K. R
          "Total fringe order Evaluation in Digital Photoelasticity",2006.
Prashant. L. Patil

           "Study of Four step Phase shifting Techniques in Digital Photoelasticity"- 2006.
P. R. D. Karthick Babu
               "Development of Photoelastic fringe plotting scheme from three-dimensional finite element results and its applications"- 2006.
M. Ravichandran
            "Evaluation of Stress Intensity Factors for an Interface crack in Bi-Material Using Digital Photoelasticity" - 2004.
V. SaiPrasad       

   "New methodology for effective phase unwrapping in Digital Photoelasticity"- 2003.



Kishore Zinghare
"Use of 3D DIC for solving problems in solid mechanics" - ongoing.
Narayana Rao
Digital photoelastic and numerical evaluation of stress concentration factors " - ongoing.
A. Yezhil Arasu

        "Evaluation of stress field parameters in fracture mechanics using strip gauges" - 2008.
V. Anand

          "Experimental investigation of stress distribution in industrial components using photoelasticity"- 2008.
K Meenakshi Sundaram
          "Study of Transducer using photoelasticity"- 2007.
K. Revathi
           "Stress Analysis Of Railroad Rail With Detail Crack Using Digital Photoelasticity And Finite Element Analysis", 2006.
E. Nithila
               Assesment of Branch cut Algorithm for Unwrapping Phasemaps in Photoelasticity", 2005.
A. Sunilkumar
            "Evaluation of Stress intensity factor for an interface edge crack in a Bi-material using Digital Photoelasticity", 2004.
P. Gopi Krishna      

"Stress Analysis by photoelastic coatings using contourable plastic", 2004.
S. S. Santhosh
        "A New design performance parameter for closely stiffened shells for the local buckling modes", 2004(Co-guided by Dr. R. Ramesh Kumar).
K. Muniyasamy
        "Validation of finite element analysis by plotting isochromatics in colour", 2003.
B. Venkateswara Rao

"Post processing of FE Results to plot Reflection photoelasticity colour fringes", 2003.
A. Muneiah
"Handling of non - rectangular boundaries in Digital Photoelasticity", 2002.

IIT Kanpur     


S.K. Mangal
"Data Acquisition in Digital Photoelasticity by Phase-shifting Techniques",


Rohit K. Khode
"Phase Unwrapping in Digital Photoelasticity by Tiling"
Vinayak Gadre
"Determination of Isoclinic Parameters in Digital Photoelasticity", 2000
Anant Gopal Kulkarni
"Stress Separation in Digital Photoelasticity by Shear Difference Technique", 2000
Dhiraj Kumar Tamrakar
"Digital Photoelastic Analysis in MIL Platform", 1999
Deesh Kumar Saxena
"Stress Separation Techniques in Digital Photoelasticity", 1999
N. Ch. S. V. Krishna Rao
"Three-dimensional Photoelastic Analysis of Rapid Prototype Models", 1999 (Co-guided by:Prof. S. G. Dhande)
M. Anil Kumar
"Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling and Digital Photoelasticity : An Integrated Approach", 1998 (Co-guided by: Prof. S. G. Dhande)
N. Viswanadham
"Contact Stress and Fracture Analysis of Spur Gear", 1998
D. Sreedher
"Phase Unwrapping and Optically Enhanced Tiling in Digital Photoelasticity", 1998
R. G. Mehta
"Photoelastic Coating Analysis of Rapid Prototype Models", 1998 (Co-guide: Prof. S. G. Dhande)
P.M. Pathak
"Photoelasticity and Finite Elements - Complementary Tools in Stress Analysis", 1998
R. Govindarajan
"Development of Advanced Digital Image Processing Algorithms for Photoelastic Analysis", 1997
Sanjeev S. Deshmukh
"Application of Colour Image Processing Techniques to Automate Photoelastic Analysis", 1996
V. Ganapathy
"Application of Phase Shifting Interferometric Technique to Automate Photoelastic Analysis", 1995
Asish Anand Kelkar
"Image Processing Applications in Photoelastic Analysis", 1994
A. K. Yadav
"Numerical and Experimental Evaluation of Fracture Parameters of Orthotropic Composites", 1992 (Co-guided by : Dr. R. Sethuraman)
V. A. Pankhawalla
"Experimental and Numerical Investigation of High Stress Gradient Problems with an Emphasis on Contact Stress Analysis", 1991 (Co-guided by : Dr. P. M. Dixit)
N. Karuppaiah
"Numerical and Experimental Investigation of an Annular Disc with Radial Cracks", 1991 (Co-guided by : Dr. P. M. Dixit)
D. P. S. Chauhan
"An Experimental Study of Static and Dynamic Behaviour of Cyclically Symmetric Radial Cracks",1990 (Co-guided by : Prof. A. K. Mallick)
Sanjay S. Shukla
"Numerical Investigation of the Radial Crack Problem", 1989
V. R. Ganesan
"Application of Digital Image Processing Technique to Automate Photoelastic Analysis", 1989. Co-guided by: Prof. S. K. Mullick (EE)
"Digital Moire Interferometry in Experimental Analysis of Compressible Flows - The Methodology and Application", 1991. Main guide : Dr. E. Radhakrishnan (Aero)


Rajeev Gupta, M.Sc (Physics)

"The Method of Caustics for High Stress Gradient Problems", 1993.

Thesis/projects that have Won Various Awards

Manish Jhawar, Arun S. Nagerkottai, and Ajay Singh
"Design and fabrication of an Automatic Polariscope", The project won the best project award of the Department of Mechanical Engineering for the year 1990.

Dakshi Agarwal and Vaibave Goel
"Automatic strain analysis using Digital image processing". Co-guide: Prof. S. K. Mullick of electrical engineering. The project won the best B.Tech project award of the Electrical Engineering department and also the Institute level TCS award for automation for the year 1993. The award carries a certificate, and a cash prize of Rs.5000/-.

Vivek Gupta and Sumit Sanyal
"Automatic polariscope - implementation of pc based control". The project won the TCS award for automation for the year 1994. The award carries a certificate and a cash prize of Rs.5000/-.

Rajeev Gupta
"The Method of Caustics for High Stress Gradient Problems", M.Sc (Physics) 1993. This project received the best project award of the Physics Department for the year 1992-93.

V. R. Ganesan
"Application of Digital Image Processing Technique to Automate Photoelastic Analysis", 1989, with Prof. S. K. Mullick as co-guide. This thesis won the First Prize for the best M.Tech Thesis in Mechanical Engineering - A National award Instituted jointly by Indian Society For Technical Education and Gujarat State Fertilizers Ltd., for the year 1989. The award carries a medal, certificate and Rs.8000 cash.

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