Prof. K. Ramesh
Recognitions Received
  1. Distinguished Alumnus Award, National Institute of Technology, Trichy, 2008.
  2. Member ICEM 13, Alexandrou-polis, Greece, July 1-6, 2007.
  3. Elected Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering, 2006.
  4. Invited to write a chapter on photoelasticity in the hand book of Experimental Mechanics by SEM organised by W. N. Sharpe, Department of Mechanical Engineering, John Hopkins University, USA.
  5. International Advisory committee - Member for the conferences organised by BSSM on Advances In Experimental Mechanics, 7-9 Septemeber 2005, Southampton, 6-8 Septemper 2004,York, U. K.
  6. International Advisory Committee Member for the Conferences organised by Experimental Mechanics, ICEM , 10th Sept.- 15th Sept 2005, NewDelhi, 29th November- 1st December 2004, Singapore, 29th November to 1st December 2000, Singapore.
  7. Written the Editorial for the May issue of STRAIN, 2003.
  8. Member, International Advisory Committee for International Symposium on Experimental Mechanics(ISEM), Taiwan, 28th-30th December 2002.
  9. Guest edited a special issue of Optics and Lasers in Engineering on Digital Photoelasticity, 38 (1-2): 1-2 JUL-AUG 2002. Also wrote the Editorial for the special issue.
  10. Member, Editorial Board of STRAIN - Journal of British Society for Strain Measurement since 2001.
  11. I.I.T. Madras Newsletter on Research and Developement published an article on Digital Photomechanics Research at IIT, Madras.
  12. The paper "Automation of white light photoelasticity by phase-shifting technique using colour image processing hardware", Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 28(1), 47-60, 1997 has been selected from world literature as one of the outstanding optical engineering papers and has appeared in the book "Selected Papers on Photoelasticity", T. Y. Chen (ed.) brought out by SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering in their Milestone Series. Vol. MS158, pp 290-303, 2000.
    This Paper is one among the selection of 64 Papers for the period 1950-1997 from world literature on both traditional and digital techniques and their application to solid mechanics, sensors and related areas.
  13. The High Speed Recording System developed as a part of the sponsored project from NSF/DST was shown on the National Network by Doordarshan in both Hindi and English Prime-Time News Bulletins on 24th Jan'93. It was earlier shown by Lucknow Doordarshan in their Hindi News bulletin on 20th Jan' 93 and also on 21st Jan' 93 in their "Samachar Darshan" program.
    The telecast highlighted the cost saving in developing the camera to the tune of Rs.50 lakhs. The operation of the camera along with various applications of the system were also shown.
  14. The paper, "Determination of characteristic parameters in three dimensional photoelasticity", OPTICAL ENGINEERING, pp 225-230 (1988) has been selected from world literature as one of the outstanding optical engineering papers and has been published in the book "Applications of Polarised Light", B. H. Billings (ed.) brought out by SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering in their Milestone Series. Vol. MS57, pp 589 - 594, 1992.

Membership of National/International Professional Bodies
  1. BSSM - British Society for Strain Measurement, 2000 - Member of Editorial Board.
  2. SPIE - The International Society For Optical Engineering, 1987-2000 Regular Member.
  3. SEM - The International Society for Experimental Mechanics, 1992 Regular Member.
  4. ISTAM - The Indian Society For Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1985 Life Member.
  5. ISTE - Indian Society For Technical Education, 1995 Life Member.
  6. OSI - Optical Society of India, 1996 Life Member.

Journal Referee
  1. Optical Engineering, since 1994.
  2. Experimental Mechanics, since 1993 .
  3. Electronic Imaging, in 1993.
  4. Journal of the Aeronautical Society of India, since 1992.
  5. IMechE journals since 1998.
  6. Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering since 1998.
  7. Optics and Lasers in Engineering since 1999.
  8. Applied optics since 1999.
  9. Aeronautical Society of India since 1993.

Session chairman/ co-chairman in conferences/symposiums
  1. Organised and chaired a speical session on Digital Photoelasticity at 2nd International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, Singapore 29th November to 1st December 2000.
  2. Chaired a session on Engineering Science at the International Conference on Theoretical, Analytical Computational and Experimental Mechanics (ICTACEM'98) held at IIT Kharagpur between 1st December to 5th December 1998.
  3. Co-chaired a session on Fracture and Damage Mechanics at the National Symposium on Structural Mechanics (NSSM'94) held at IISc Bangalore between 27th to 29th June 1994.
  4. Chaired a session on Fatigue Failure at the National Seminar on Aerospace Structures - NASAS-93 (Theme: Fracture Mechanics) held at IIT Kanpur between 29th and 30th Dec.'1993.

Invited Paper Presentation
  1. Delivered Keynote address in Digital Photoelasticity, CD Proceedings of International Conference on Experimental Mechanics (ICEM), September 10th - 15th, 2005, New Delhi.
  2. Ramesh K (2005) Digital photoelasticity – current trends and future possibilities, International conference on computational and experimental engineering and sciences (ICCES), December 1 - 6, 2005, IIT Madras, Chennai.
  3. Presented the paper "Recent Advances on the application of Digital computers in the Experimental Evaluation of Stress Field Parameters in Fracture Mechanics", as an invited paper at the National Seminar on Aerospace Structures - NASAS-93 (Theme: Fracture Mechanics) held at I.I.T. Kanpur between 29th and 30th Dec.'1993.

Invited Seminar Presentations
  1. Engineering design using Digital Photoelasticity, SPIE, Photonics Association of Singapore, Sensors and Actuators Program, NTU, 2nd Dec.2000.
  2. Automated Data Acquisition in Photoelasticity - Recent Trends, Structures Division, National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) Bangalore, 12th Dec. 1995.
  3. Designing by Photoelasticity - Recent Trends, organised by Indian Society for Non-destructive testing and Indian Group of International Stereology at Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), Kalpakkam, 5th Dec. 1995.
  4. High speed recording system at IITK and its applications, AME Popular Lecture series, Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur, 22nd March 1993.
  5. Experimental mechanics of fibre reinforced composites, Aeronautical society of India, Uttar pradesh branch 29th Jan. 92.
  6. Digital Image Processing of Optical Fringe Patterns, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, University of Rhode Island, USA, Sept. 1990.
  7. Current Trends in Integrated Three Dimensional Photoelasticity, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, June 1988.
  8. Introduction to Photoelasticity, UNDP Seminar on Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue of Materials Organised by RDSO Lucknow, Nov. 1988.
  9. Experimental Determination of Stress Intensity Factors, UNDP Seminar on Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue of Materials Organised by RDSO Lucknow, Nov. 1988.


Received the "Outstanding Young Individual of Kanpur" award for the year 1993 instituted by the Kanpur Industrial Junior Chamber. The award was given for the outstanding research and development work carried out by him in the field of Photoelasticity.

  1. Also received the "Outstanding Young Person" award for the year 1993 at the zonal level instituted by the Indian Junior Chamber in recognition of exemplary achievements and distinguished services rendered to the nation during 1993.
  2. Won the President of India Cash Prize Instituted by the Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics for the paper "Determination of Mixed-Mode Stress Intensity Factors from the Physical Features of Isochromatic Fringes", Proceedings of the 29th Congress of ISTAM, 1984, pp 19-27.
  3. Awarded both National Merit Scholarship and Merit Scholarship for Wards of School Teachers in the year 1977. Opted for Merit Scholarship for Wards of School Teachers and the Scholarship continued for all the five years of the undergraduate programme.

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