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An experienced teacher cum researcher in the areas of BiomedicaI Instrumentation, Signal and Image Processing with B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering and Ph.D. in Biomedical Signal processing is currently working as professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Department of Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India.

Biomedical Engineering Group

Biomedical Instrumentation and Signal Processing Lab

Department of Applied Mechanics

Indian Institute of Technology

Chennai - 600036, India.

+91-44 2257 4057

+91 44 2257 4052



Research Interest

  • Biomedical Instrumentation
  • Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Physiological Modeling
  • Biomedical Signal & Image Processing


  • 1991
    Faculty of Engineering, IIS, Bangalore, India

    Title of Thesis : Digital Models for Analysis and Synthesis of ECG

    Topic of Ph.D.: Delineation of component waves, P, QRS and T in a given ECG signal by modeling, filtering and nonlinear transform techniques.

  • 1982
    Electronics and Communication Engineering

    Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India

List of Courses Taught

  • Biomedical Instrumentation


    Quantitative Physiology

    Biomedical Imaging systems

    Biomedical Signal Processing

    Measurements in Mechanics

    Engineering Mechanics


Ph.D. (Current)

    • Vishnupriya R, Biomedical Signal Processing (Data Integration, Functional Integration, Structural Integration – Bioinformatics, System Biology, Multi-scale Modeling)
    • Helan Satish, Biomedical Signal Processing (Multi-Scale Computational Modeling of the Heart)
    • Ashok Kumar, Biomedical Signal Processing (MRI pulse sequencing)
    • Niraj Bagh, Biomedical Signal Processing (BCI – Motor Imagery)
    • Saravana Kumar, Biomedical Signal Processing (BCI – Multi frequency models)
    • Kiran Kumar G R, Optimal signal processing approaches for SSVEP based BCI systems
    • Anitha Alex, Electrical Impedance Tomography studies on Human Torso
    • V Sridevi, Neurological Signal Processing
    • Ph.D. (Completed)

      • Kirthi Priya Ponnuraj, Physiological Model of Ventricular Tissue for Study of Torsade de Pointes (2018)
      • P Mahalakshmi, Investigating the Effects of Speech Perception Simulation Model designed for Cochlear Implants (2018)
      • V Jaganathan, Sampling Strategies for Compressed Sensing MRI: Design and Performance Assessement (2016)
      • M Kavitha, Ultrasound Stiffness Imaging – Phantom Experiments, Simulations and Clinical Validation (2015)
      • K Srinivasan, A Study on Lossless/ Near Lossless Compression and Classification of Electroencephalogram Signals (2012)
      • R Malathi, Effect of Sodium Channel Parameters of Reentrant Arrythmia: A Computational Study (2009)
      • K Jayavenkateswaran, Development and Analysis of New Cardiovascular Stents (2008)
      • P Vijayalakshmi, Detection Of Hypernasality and Assessment of Dysarthria Using Signal Processing Techniques (2007)
      • J Manivannan, Echocardiographic Image analysis for evaluation of Heart function (2006)
      • K Prahlada rao, Near Infrared Spectroscopy Studies on Imaging of Tissue Phantoms and Estimation of Vascular Perfusion Parameters (2006)
      • Joseph Suresh Paul, Model based Identification of ECG for QRS filtering and Arrhythmia detection (1999)
      • A C Gangadharan, Effect of Magnetic Biofeedback on the brain’s Electrical activity (EEG) of the Epilepsies (1998)
      • MS. (Current)

        • Nil
        • MS. (Completed)

          • Anusha Prakash, Cross-lingual Speech Synthesis and Enhancement of Dysarthric Speech (2017)
          • R Sriranjani, Recognition and Assessment of Dysarthric Speech using Phone-Cluster Adaptive Training (2016)
          • Sharat S Embrandiri, Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential (SSVEP) based Brain-Machine Interfaces (2015)
          • Prabhakar B, HVS Scheme for Compression of DICOM Images: Design and Comparative performance Evaluation (2011)
          • Bhatt Bhargav, A Study on Suppression of Magnetic field induced ECG Artifacts during MRI (2010)
          • N K Suresh Kumar, Non-invasive Electrical Imaging of Heart (2007)
          • Atul Singh Minha, Neural Network based Anomaly Detection in Lungs region by Electrical Impedance Tomography technique (2006)
          • T M Shrihari Mukesh, A Brain-Computer Interface using Steady State Visual Evoked Potentials (2006)
          • V Madhavi, An ECG based automated approach for classification and localization of Myocardial Infarction (1996)
          • T Srikanth, Analysis of HRV Signals in time-frequency domain for the evaluation of effects of autonomic Neuropathy and Pranayama on Cardiac System (1996)
          • S P Naidu,ECG – Signal Analysis and Data Compression (1996)
          • S K Sreekanth, A High Resolution Signal Averaged ECG System for Identification of Myocardial Patients prone to Ventricular Tachycardia (1996)
          • M.Tech. (Current)

            • SN Karthik
            • Bhavatharani
            • Makani Nehul
            • Manjit Singh Jadon
            • M.Tech. (Completed)

                • Rishiraj Surti, Two-way communication system using SIGN Languages (2017)
                • Ramzi Rahim P, Visual Keyboard system using SSVEP based Brain Computer Interface with VOG integration (2017)
                • Sravani Saragadam, HRV Signal Analysis (2016)
                • Chitteti Vinay Kumar, D-bar Method for 2-D Electrical Impedance Tomography (2016)
                • Nikhil Naphade, Emotion Recognition from Static Facial Expression (2016)
                • Rohit, Modelling Ultrasound Propagation in Multilayered Biological Media (2016)
                • Nandakishore Sudhakaran, Modelling the role of Basal Ganglia in Subjective time Perception (2015)
                • Sai Surya Teja S, Biopotential based Assistive Device for Human Machine Interface (2015)
                • Aswin K Vijayan, Investigation of Non-idealities in an Open-Gate FET based Neural Recording System (2015)
                • Mohamed Azaruddin D, Automatic Detection of Epileptic Seizures fro Scalp EEG (2014)
                • Niladri Garai, Tumor Extraction from Brain MRI Images (2013)
                • Pawar Abhay Sampatro, Image Segmentation Algorithms for Biomedical Applications (2013)
                • Goutham S R, A Complex Hopfield Network Model of Hippocampus for Simulating Human Associative Memory (2012)
                • Joseph Joseph Cherukara, AM-FM Image Analysis in Biomedical Image Processing (2012)
                • Govind Balan, Developing Finite element model for cardiac volves (2012)
                • Yoganand Punaku, Application of Compressed Sensing in MR Brain Imaging (2012)
                • Rajani S R, Sparsity-Based Image Reconstruction (2011)
                • Vipin Patait, Analysis of Speech signals for Diagnosis (2010)
                • B Rajasekhar, Design of Impedance Cardiograph for Measuring Cardiac Parameters (2010)
                • T Ramakrishnan, Drug Delivery System Using Iontophoresis (2008)
                • Vamshi Krishna Beeravelly, Volume Measures for Identification of Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction from 3D Echocardigram (2007)
                • K Supraja, Design of Electrical Impedance Tomography Amplifier (2007)
                • Hari M Bharadwaj, Enhancement of Radiographic Images – A study (2006)
                • N V Kiruthika, Automated assessment of aortic regurgitation using 2D Doppler Echocardiograms (2006)
                • S Rajendra Prasad, Tissue oxygenation measurement and its relationship with biomechanical properties of foot sole in diabetic subjects (2006)
                • Liza mahey, T- wave morphology analysis using Non-linear dynamics methods (2006)
                • V jaganathan, Brain Computer interface based on Steady State Visual Evoked Potential (2005)
                • R Dharmendra Kumar, Quantification of Mitral regurgitation with two dimensional Doppler Echocardigraphic images (2005)
                • S Sasikala, Detection and classification of Microcalcifications in digital mammogram (2005)
                • A K Jayanthy, Design of Electrolarynx and voice amplifier for Laryngectomees (2004)
                • V Sudharani, Automated identification technique for Tubercle Bacilli (2004)
                • Jackson Daniel, Medical Image analysis using Fuzzy clustering technique (2004)
                • N Kishore Kanna, Assessment of Ischemic heart disease – a tool to exclude non-specific ST segment changes (2004)
                • K Santhaseelan, Tomographic analysis of phantom and volume visualization (2003)
                • Lakshmi Sampath, Texture Analysis for Automated Characterization of Lesions in Breast Ultrasound Scans (2002)
                • K Bommanna Raja, Quantification of Ultrasound Kidney images for diagnosis and to design content based image retrieval system (2002)
                • S Murugan, Autoregressive modeling and power spectral estimation of R-R interval time series in Myocardial Ischemia patients (2002)
                • K Mohanavelu, Design and development of voice integrated ECG telemetry system (2001)
                • J Palanivel, A non-invasive diagnostic technique for vocal fold pathology (2001)
                • K Jayakumar, Spectral analysis of Heart Rate Variability for detection of Ventricular Tachycardia (2001)
                • P Mahalakshmi, Coronal Plane Cardiac Vector analysis for detection of Bundle Branch Blocks (2000)
                • Bindu Elias, Spectral analysis of Heart Rate Variability in Myocardial Infracted patients (2000)
                • Maj G N V R S, Design of Heli-Biotelemetry system for the transmission of ECG during casualty of evacuation process by helicopter (2000)
                • S Latha, Biosensor for detection of Cyanide (1998)
                • V K Jayasree, Design and development of a hardware circuit for picking up Fetal ECG signal in abdominal recording (1998)
                • G S L Narasimhulu, Analysis of HRV Signals using Wavelet Transforms for the Evaluation of Autonomic Neuropathy (1997)



  • The Ph.D. work was selected as the best thesis and awarded two gold medals in the faculty of engineering, I.I.Sc.,Bangalore, during the year 1991
  • The President's Scout, the highest award given to the scouts by the President of India during the year 1973
  • Other Information

    • Served as the Head of Applied Mechanics Department at IIT Madras for six years.
    • Served as the Head of Biomedical Engineering Group, Applied Mechanics Department at IIT Madras for more than six years.
    • Rendered service for corporate activities of IITM at different administrative positions, Chairman of different committees, Warden, etc.
    • Served as member of faculty recruitment committees of different IITs, NITs, Universities, UPSC.
    • Reviewed several papers for journal publication and evaluated M.S. and Ph.D. theses of IITs, NITs and other Universities.
    • Participated as a member of Indian delegation on “Brain Imaging” in the trilateral meeting of India-Canada-Israel.
    • Attended many National and International conferences and chaired several sessions.
    • As a coordinator, conducted CCE short term courses for Biomedical Engineering faculty of other Institutions.
    • Developed Signal Processing facilities in the Bioelectronics Laboratory of BME Group at IITM.
    • Delivered several keynote lectures/ seminars of invited nature to various groups like, Faculty, Research scholars, Doctors, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

    Organizational Activities

    • During February 22-24, 1996 the 5th National Conference was conducted at IIT Madras. In this conference I have participated actively in coordinating different activities of the conference.
    • During December 15-17, 1999 and April 1-3, 2004 the International Conferences on Medical Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures were conducted at IIT Madras. In these conferences actively participated in coordinating different activities of the conference.
    • As sole initiator and secretary, a national symposium was organized on Alternative Medicine and Biomedical Engineering (AMBE 2006) during June 12-13, 2006 at IIT Madras.
    • Served in various committees at different capacities in organizing conferences at IIT Madras and outside.

    Membership of Organizations

    • Life member of Biomedical Society of India
    • Life member of Indian Society of Biomechanics
    • Life member of Indian Society of Applied Mechanics
    • Member of IEEE

Selected Publications (2018 -->1995)

  •   Kiran Kumar G R and  M Ramasubba Reddy, Periodic component analysis as a spatial filter for SSVEP-based brain-computer interface, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, DOI:10.1016/j.jneumeth.2018.06.003, June 2018.
  •   P K Priya and  M R Reddy, Simulation Study of Initiation Mechanisms of Torsade de Pointes in a Two Dimensional Cardiac Tissue, Computers in Biology and Medicine Journal, Vol. 89, pp: 293-303, August 2017.
  •   P K Priya and  M R Reddy, Study of Factors affecting the progression and termination of Drug Induced Torsade de Pointes in Two Dimensional Cardiac Tissue, Journal of Electrocardiology, Vol. 50, No. 3, pp: 332-341, June 2017.
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