PhD :

1. G.S.Gunasegarane : Dynamics of line plumes over horizontal surfaces in turbulent convection 

2. P.J. Joshy : Natural convection boundary layers on permeable membranes

3. K. Sangeeth : Bubble collapse at an interface

4. Anoop, P. : Sedimenting drops

5. Anurag Pant : Twisting of liquid colums

6. A. M. Ayyappadas : Modelling of merging plumes



MS :


1. K. Vipin: Investigation of velocity field near the hot surface in turbulent convection

2. Sanal Mohanan : Settling of particles in turbulent convection




1. G. V. Ramareddy, Investigation of convection across a horizontal permeable membrane, MS, 2009

2. Vijay Senthil Kumar, Study of sliding non-wetting drops on solid surface, MS, 2010

Current Members