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People in the Touch Lab at IIT Madras


PhD Scholars

  1. L.Suganthi, Joined in 2007 (Human Arterial System Modeling)
  2. K.S.Kanakapriya, Joined in 2008 (Simulation of Myocardial Infarction for Training Doctors using Mannequin)
  3. Susmita Wills, Joined in 2008 (Measurement of Forces in Laparoscopic Surgery) (Jointly with Dr.Suresh Devasahayam)
  4. Majid Hameed, Joined in 2009 (Dual-rate Haptics Rendering) (Jointly with Dr.Subir Kumar Saha)
  5. M.S.Raghuprasad, Joined in 2009 (Virtual Reality based Laparoscopy Simulator with Haptics Feedback)
  6. Nissan Kunju,Joined in 2009 (Lower Extremity-FES assisted Wheelchair Transfer in Paraplegics) (Jointly with Dr.Suresh Devasahayam)
  7. Abhijit Biswas, Joined in 2010 (Medical Robotics and Haptics)

Alumni of Touch Lab

PhD Scholars

  1. K.Hemalatha, 2007-2011 (Hybrid Cardiopulmonary Interaction Model Towards Novel Diagnostic Techniques)
  2. Mohammad Yacin, 2007-2011 (Noninvasive Measurement of Gastric Motility from Finger Photoplethysmographic Signal) Jointly with Dr.Srivas Chakravarthy of Department of Biotechnology, IIT Madras.

MS Scholars

  1. Hari Vasudevan, 2005-2007, Graduated in Jul 2008, Joined Yale University, Mechanical Engineering
  2. G.Deepthy, 2005-2008, Graduated in Jul 2010, Department of Management Studies

M.Tech Scholars

  1. Graduated in 2012
    1. Sunny Purswani (Fitts Law of Force JND)
    2. Dipanjan Chatterjee (Fractional Calculus and Biomedical Signal Processing)
    3. Gurpreet Singh (Sleep Detection System for Pilots)
  2. Graduated in 2011
    1. Alekhya Mandali (A Pilot Study on changes in Short Term HRV parameters in type II diabetic patients)
  3. Graduated in 2010
    1. S V Viswajith
  4. Graduated in 2009
    1. P.Muthu
    2. Chaitanya Srinivas
  5. Graduated in 2008
    1. M.Rajasekar
    2. Marco Martin, EPFL, Switzerland
  6. Graduated in 2007
    1. Lt.Col.Sathaye Chandrasekar Shamsundar
    2. R.Periyasamy
    3. Shimi Lawrence
  7. Graduated in 2006
    1. S.Deivanayaki
    2. S.Mahesh
    3. Lt.Col.Rajpal Singh Mann
    4. K.Shankar

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