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Recordable Haptic Textures

In this work we have developed a method to record the surface texture of real life objects like metal files, sandpaper etc. These textures can subsequently be played back on virtual surfaces. Modeling interaction behavior is essential and challenging for creating interactive virtual environments. Though textures are widely known in computer graphics only recently have they been explored in haptics. Haptics textures are used to improve the realism of haptic interaction. Textures are encountered in common real life objects such as the steering wheel of an automobile or the handle of a tennis racquet. In each of these instances they help in better grip and enhanced feel of the device being manipulated. To incorporate these features in a virtual model, we require a quick and efficient method of recording and reproducing these textures. We present in this paper simple and easily implementable method.

Our method uses the commonly available SensAble PHANToM® to record textures from real surfaces. The algorithm involves creating recordings of the frequency content of a real surface, by exploring it with a haptic device. We estimate the frequency spectra at two different velocities, and subsequently interpolate between them on a virtual surface. The extent of correlation between real and simulated spectra was estimated and a near exact spectral match was obtained. The simulated texture was played back using the same haptic device. The algorithm to record and playback textures is simple and can be easily implemented for planar surfaces with uniform textures.


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