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Haptic Guided Laparoscopic Simulator

Although the development of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) has reduced the sense of touch compared to open surgery, surgeons still rely on the feeling of net forces resulting from tool-tissue interactions and need more haptics training to successfully operate on patients. Much of the art of MIS and training for a particular procedure depend on the education and re?nement of the trainee’s haptic sensorimotor system. The bene?ts of using haptics in MIS training through virtual simulations have already been recognized by several research groups and many of the companies working in this area. Though haptic fidelity has been increasingly emphasized in these simulators, the real benefits of the simulated environments are mostly under-exploited for MIS Simulation and Training. A computer simulated environment can not only enhance a training process with realistic forces, but also with augmented forces, such as haptic guidance. In this paper, we discuss such a use of augmented forces in our haptic guided laparoscopic simulator for improving learning curve. Haptic guided MIS simulation is not known in the literature.


  1. S C Chandrasekar, M Manivannan, Haptic Guided Laparoscopic Simulation Improves Learning Curve, Accepted in MMVR 2008.

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