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About Me

Research Interest

  • Movement Neuroscience, Finger/Hand Biomechanics
  • Bimanual Coordination, Motor Behavior and Motor Learning
  • Rehabilitation
  • Understanding Action and Perception

Office Location

Department of Applied Mechanics,
IIT Madras, Chennai - 600036.
Phone: +91 044 2257 4071, 5067(NML)


  • 2012
    Doctor of Philosophy

    Doctor of Philosophy – The Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA

  • 2007
    Master of Science by Research in Biomedical Engineering

    Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

  • 2002
    Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication engineering

    University of Madras, India


Selected Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Varadhan SKM, Wei Zhang, Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky and Mark L. Latash, Age effects on rotational hand action, Human Movement Science, 2012 June, 31(3) 502 - 518 (Available in Pubmed Central)
  • Tarkeshwar Singh, Varadhan SKM, Vladmir.M.Zatsiorsky and Mark.L.Latash, Adaptive increase in force variance during fatigue in tasks with low redundancy, Neuroscience Letters. 2010 Nov 26;485(3):204-7 (Available in Pubmed Central)
  • Varadhan SKM, Vladmir.M.Zatsiorsky and Mark.L.Latash, Variance components in discrete force production tasks, Experimental Brain Research 2010 Sep;205(3):335-49 (Available in Pubmed Central)
  • Tarkeshwar Singh, Varadhan SKM, Vladmir.M.Zatsiorsky and Mark.L.Latash, Fatigue and motor redundancy: adaptive increase in finger force variance in multi-finger tasks, Journal of Neurophysiology. 2010 Jun;103(6):2990-300 (Available in Pubmed Central)
  • Jason Friedman, Varadhan SKM, Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, Mark L. Latash, The sources of two components of variance: An example of multifinger cyclic force production tasks at different frequencies, Experimental Brain Research 196(2) 263-277, (2009) (Available in Pubmed Central)
  • Projects

    Project Title Agency Value (in Lakhs) Role Duration
    Studies of motor learning and co-articulation in novel typing tasks DST/CSRI 70 Sole PI 2015-2018
    Rehabilitation of hand function in stroke survivors IC & SR 26.5 Sole PI 2013-2017



    • Dhanush R, "Studies of motor learning and co-articulation in novel typing tasks",(ongoing)
    • Ravi D, “Studies of Fingertip Force Distribution Patterns Under Variable Thumb Positions” (ongoing)
    • Banuvathy R,"Studies of Inter-Finger, Intra-Finger and Inter-Hand Coordination in Bimanual Tasks",(ongoing)
    • Niraj S, “Understanding motor coordination/sensorimotor control of grip aperture formation during grasping: A theoretic system paradigm",Prof. arun k tangirala (Co-guide) (ongoing)
    • Bhadra S, “Study of decision making using muti finger force production", (ongoing)
    • Ann David, Recently joined, (ongoing)


    • Nayan B “Kinematic modeling of individual phalange with kinematic data from reduced data set– a subject specific approach using machine learning technique”, (ongoing)
    • Satishch S, “Temporal coordination in dynamic-goal oriented tasks” (ongoing)

    M Tech / Dual Degree

    • Niranjan C, “Enslavement of human hand”, Ongoing.
    • Vaisakh S, “Kinematic study of finger movement”, Ongoing.
    • Sandeep C, “Study of isometric finger forces in the presence of perpetual feedback”, May 2016
    • Kushal S, kinematic hand model using Electromagnetic tracking sensors, May 2016
    • Saida N, “Effect of visual feedback on isometric force production”, May 2015
    • Arnab, “Studying grip force load force coordination during five finger prismatic precision grasp”, May 2014

    List of Courses Taught

    • AM 1100

      Engineering Mechanics

    • AM 3010

      Introduction to Biomechanics

    • AM 6516

      Neuromechanics of Human Movement

    • AM 5010


    • AM 3020

      Fundamentals of Medical Instrumentation

    • AM 5110

      Biomechanics Lab

    • AM 5130

      Quantitative Physiology