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App Mech Dept.

IIT Madras


Dept. of Applied Mechanics, IIT Madras Chennai - 600 036.
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Areas of Specialization: Smart Structures, Inelasticity / Plasticity, Fatigue of Materials, Computations

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Recent Journal Publications

* Jeya Ganesh N, Maniprakash.S, Chandrasekaran L., Srinivasan, S.M. and Srinivasa, A.R., Design and development of a sun tracking mechanism using the direct SMA actuation, A Design Innovation paper, ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, vol. 133(7), 075001 (8pages), 2011. [pdf]
* B. Bhuvaraghan, S.M. Srinivasan, and Mafeo, Bob, Numerical simulation of Almen strip response due to random impacts with strain-rate effects, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Vol. 53(6), pp. 417-424, 2011.  [pdf]
* K. Jayabal, A. Menzel, A. Arockiarajan and S.M. Srinivasan, Micromechanical modelling of switching phenomena in polycrystalline piezoceramics. Application of a polygonal finite element approach, Computational Mechanics, DOI 10.1007/s00466-011-0595-4, 2011.  [pdf]
* B. Bhuvaraghan, S.M. Srinivasan, Mafeo, Bob and Om Prakash, Constrained Probabilistic Multi-objective Optimization of Shot Peening Process, Engineering Optimization, Vol. 43(6), pp. 657 - 673, 2011.  [pdf]
* R.S. Priyadarsini, V. Kalyanaraman, S. M. Srinivasan, Numerical and Experimental Study of Buckling of Advanced Fibre Composite Cylindrical Shells Under Axial Compression, International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics, 2011.  [pdf]

* Venkateswara Rao.P, Maniprakash.S, Srinivasan. S.M, Srinivasa, A.R, Functional Behavior of Isotropic Magnetorheological Gels, Smart Materials and Structures, vol.19, 085019 (9pp), 2010. [pdf]
* B. Bhuvaraghan, S.M. Srinivasan, Mafeo, Bob and Om Prakash, Shot Peening Simulation using Discrete and Finite Element Methods, Advances in Engineering Software, Vol. 41(12), pp.1266-1276, 2010.  [pdf]
* B. Baskaran, S.M. Sivakumar and B. Maffeo, Optimization of the fatigue strength of materials due to shot peening: A Survey International Journal of Structural Changes In Solids, Vol.2(2), pp. 33-63, 2010.[pdf]
* K.R Pradeep, B Nageswara Rao, S.M. Sivakumar and K.Balasubramanium, Interface Fracture Assessment on Sandwich DCB Specimens, Jl of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, Vol.29(13), pp.1963-1977, 2010 . [pdf]
* Venkateswara Rao.P, Maniprakash.S, and Srinivasan. S.M, A modified free decay test apparatus for the characterization of soft magnetic gels in the presence of magnetic fields, Intl J of Engineering, vol. 4(2), pp.179-190, 2010. [pdf]
* B. Bhuvaraghan, S.M. Srinivasan, Mafeo, Bob and Om Prakash, Analytical Solution for Single and Multiple impacts with Strain-rate Effects for Shot Peening, Computer Modeling in Engineering Sciences CMES, vol.1550(1), pp 1-22, 2010. [pdf]
* D Thomas, D. Ebenezer, and S.M. Srinivasan, Power dissipation and temperature distribution in piezoelectric ceramic slabs, JASA, vol.128( 4) , pp.1700–1711, 2010. [pdf]
* Arun, C. O., Rao, B. N., Srinivasan, S. M., Continuum Damage Growth Analysis Using Element Free Galerkin Method, Sadhana, vol.35(3), pp.279-301, 2010.  [pdf]
* C. O. Arun, B.N. Rao And S M Srinivasan, Stochastic Meshfree Method for Elasto-Plastic Damage Analysis, Computer Methods In Applied Mechanics And Engineering, vol.199, pp.2590-2606, 2010. [pdf]
* N. Ashok Kumar, C.Lakshmana Rao, S.M.Srinivasan, Large deflection of constant curvature cantilever beam under follower load, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 52, 440-445, 2010. [pdf]
* Anup, S., Sivakumar, S.M. and Suraishkumar, G.K, Influence of viscoelasticity of protein on the toughness of bone,Journal of the Mechanical Behaviour of Biomedical Materials, 3, 260-267, 2010. [pdf]
* A. Arockiarajan, S.M. Sivakumar, and C. Sansour, A thermo-dynamically motivated model for ferrolectric ceramics with grain boundary effects, Smart Materials and Structures, 19, 015008 (13pp), 2010. [pdf]