Dr. C. Lakshmana Rao
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IIT Madras

Applied Mechanics


                                             Dr. C. Lakshmana Rao



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ASE159                                                                          Panchavati, Plot No. 14,
Department of Applied Mechanics                                  Vijayanagar North,
Indian Institute of Technology                                         Velachery,
Chennai - 600036, INDIA                                                Chennai - 600042, INDIA

Ph: (044) 2257-4059, 2257-5072(msg)                          Ph: (044) 2259-1210
Email: lakshman@iitm.ac.in
Fax: (044) 2257-4052
Telex No.: 41-8926 IIT IN


Research Interests

  • Buckling Control of Structures using Smart Materials,

  • Numerical modeling of brittle fracture,

  • Ballistic Impact,

  • Crack width prediction in RC structures using Fracture Mechanics,

  • Interface Fracture using Element Free Gallerkin Methods,

  • Wave Propagation in Cracked Bodies,

  • Constitutive Modeling of Engineering Materials,

  • Constitutive Modelling of Granular Materials and Clayey Soils,

  • Characterization of Smart Materials,

  • Boundary and Finite Element Methods

  • Natural fiber composites.


Latest Paper

  • Rajesh P Nair and C Lakshmana Rao (2013), Numerical Simulation of Ballistic Impact on Particulate Composite Target using Discrete Element Method: 1-D and 2-D models,(Accepted for publication in "International Journal for Computational Methods in Engineering Science and Mechanics").

  • Vineet Kumar Reddy K, Rajesh P Nair and C Lakshmana Rao, Numerical Modeling of Response of Beams Subjected to Blast Loading, Journal of Structural Engineering (2013) 40, pp.85-89.

  • Chinnaraj K. Sathya Prasad M and Lakshmana Rao C, "Effect of Bolt Hole Residual Stresses on the Fatigue Performance of Truck Frame Rail Sections" Applied Mechanics and Materials (2013) 300, pp.1089-1098. http://www.scientific.net/AMM.300-301.1089