Dr. Prasad Patnaik B.S.V.
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IIT Madras

Applied Mechanics


Dr. Prasad Patnaik B.S.V.

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Department of Applied Mechanics
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai 600036 India




  • Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer


  • Compuataional Fluid Dyanamics

  • CFD tools for FSI

  • Micro, Bio-Fluid Flow systems


Current Projects

  • Our current interest is in the development of tools for fluid-structure interaction problems. Such problems are abound in diverse fields such as, blast loading of structures,Flow induced vibration of structures, sloshing dynamics of liquids, mixing and separation of macromolecules, FSI problems in human circulatory systems etc. The focus is on the method development and specific to an application. The algorithms cover continum based models involving mesh based techniques as well as meshfree simulations.