Research Overview

The Biosensors Laboratory focuses on development of tools for Bio research and Clinical diagnosis for High throughput screening (HTS).
The work done is bifurcated to Research and Development activities.
The Research work deals with developing protocols, optimizing fabrication parameters and attempting new chemistries to devise an optical probe of very high sensitivity.
The Development work is again branched into work aiming in Industrialization and work done in relation to other socially relevant application, like educational tools and low cost products.


  • Priyanka is back from her DAAD fellowship where she worked in Technische Universitat Braunschweig, Germany (Sept 2014- Mar 2015).
  • Ramakrishna attended 4th International Biosensors and Technology Conferance, Lisbon, Portugal (10-13 May 2015)
  • Christina is attending an Optical Summer Institute in University of Toronto, Canada (15-19 June 2015)